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The Power of Project Leadership โ€“ Seven Leadership Lessons



Projects are becoming more challenging, complicated and complex than ever before; now, more than ever, project managers have to be certain about the uncertain and comfortable about the uncomfortable.

The difference that will make the difference is not just the ability of the project manager to manage his or her project, but the ability of the project manager to transition and adapt from manager to leader.  And as they do, they must ensure inclusivity, transparency and openness, not only with their project team, but with their sponsors, their stakeholders and their customers if they are truly to attain successful project outcomes.
In this highly entertaining and engaging story-telling presentation, I explain what were the 'seven lessons' I learned about leadership from aged 17, starting when I joined Siemens as a 'Youth Training Scheme' Trainee, and that I applied to my projects that helped me to transition to become a project leader?
The lessons I learnt I firmly believe can be applied to all projects by all project managers as they make the transition to leader. 
Structure of Presentation:
This is a highly interactive, storytelling and personal presentation which is always very well received and it starts with the hardest interview I've ever had….one where I was only asked three very simple questions! 
Using my 'real life work' experiences and 'blending' them with my personal life at the time, from when I joined Siemens at aged 17 until the time I left at aged 47, I share seven key lessons learned in leadership that helped me transition and adapt to become a project leader.
This is a presentation which is suited to, and ensures the involvement of, audiences of all ages, background, experience and knowledge regardless of hierarchy or seniority.
Outcome Expected
An engaged, enthused and stimulated audience who are able to utilise the seven leadership lessons l learned in their every day work and lives, in order that their personal and professional project outcomes are more sustainable, positive and create greater value and outcomes.
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