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Opening Ceremony

Tirana - Palace of Congresses

November 21st is dedicated to the Opening Ceremony, which will be held according to the following program: 

Venue: Palace of Congresses 

Time: 17.30 – 18.30 

Description: Opening Press Conference and visit of the exhibition stands and pavilions in the presence of high personalities and business community representatives, local and international media. 

Venue: Presidential Palace (Royal Palace) 

Time: 19.00 

Description: The Gala Opening Ceremony of Tirana International Fair, has the unique peculiarity to interweave the past, the present and the future of the Albanian Capital: in the fabulous atmosphere of the Royal Palace (Governmental Palace) one of the most significant state-of-the-art architectural premises that represents different stages of the Albanian History timeline, international exhibitors, high personalities of the diplomatic representations, media and opinion-makers, have the opportunity to a large festive and cultural program that the Organizers prepared for the occasion.

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